Next edition: 15 to 17 January 2025

Arosa IceSnowFootball

The Arosa ICeSNOWfootball


The Arosa IceSnowFootball is a football tournament on snow and ice with former national players. Football stars from all over the world compete for the prestigious World Cup title in the snow during the Arosa IceSnowFootball. Quite crazy and daring, has the former director of Arosa Tourism Pascal Jenny created this unique event in 2009 and convinced the then sports director of VfB Stuttgart, Fredi Bobic, of his idea. Since its initial implementation in 2010, the Arosa IceSnowFootball quickly developed into an annual friends' get-together for the world of football. The unofficial snow football world championship in Arosa has established itself as a unique and traditional event in recent years and was already able to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2020. After two years of rest due to Covid-19, the tournament was held for the 11th and 12th time in 2023 und 2024.

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